Tired of answering same customer queries again & again? Don't have resources to hire another support specialist?
Use our smart Virtual Assistant on your website & be there for your customers 24/7
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Keeping customers happy is easier said than done

Every business loves having more & more customers. But for a small business handling customer queries can be overwhelming. Are you riddled with these problems?

  • Wish you could be online 24/7 for your customer, but can't afford to hire another person
  • Find yourself answering same questions again & again
  • Swamped with questions from customer and not enough time to focus on growth

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Virtual Assistant is the perfect solution for you.

What is a virtual assistant?

Virtual Assistant is an app that can live in your customers’ favorite messengers, website or app and provide them with one-on-one communication with your brand. This human like app can easily integrate into your website, messaging and other channels of communication and help you increase customer satisfaction.

Benefits for your business

Never miss a customer

Be online 24/7 with our virtual assistant

Reduce support costs

Automatically answer support queries and FAQs

Turn visitors into customers

Increase visitor engagement on your website

AI Powered Conversations

Self learning capability coming soon

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