SQL Server 2017 Standard – 2 Core License Pack


Subscription for SQL Server Standard – 2 Core is now available under CSP licensing. Choose from 1 Year and 3 Years subscription.

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In Memory OLTP
In-Memory ColumnStore
Real Time Operational Analytics
Buffer Pool extension to SSD

Basic Availability Groups

Backup encryption support
Encryption at rest and in motion
Dynamic Data Masking and Row Level Security
Separation of duties

Backup to Azure
Disaster recovery to Microsoft Azure
Optimized virtual machine images in Azure gallery
Stretch Database

Management and programmability
Runs on Linux and Docker Containers
Temporal tables
JSON support
Graph data support

BI and analytics
Integration services managed as a server
PolyBase for T-SQL query across Hadoop
In-database advanced analytics
End-to-end Mobile BI on any device

Serendipz is a Genuine Microsoft Partner



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